Translation by Carlo Laertini

Dinosaurs became extinct because nobody caressed them. (Anonymous)
Desire is expressed through a caress,just as a thought is through language. (JP Sartre)
The caress is Love that flows through your fingers. (Anonymous)

A caress is a kiss, it is a deep breath that connects a Mother to a Son.

The caress externalizes what we feel inside and makes palpable the immateriality of our soul.
Sometimes humans use this gesture with superficiality while it is highly valuable and meaningful to the baby and the dog. The caress is so important that each stroke takes on a different meaning depending on where and how it is applied on the body.
I dare say that it is emblematic of oneself.
A little hesitant hand, when accompanied by a smile framed by cheeks red with emotion, declares benevolence and respect. The same is true when a hesitantlittle snout captures the scent of a new baby by slowly getting closer to learn the new smell and blend it with its own.The blending of two bodies’fragrances into one attest to a trusting relationship.

The caress is the mother of noble intentions, of unexpected feelings that seal social pacts.
The caress is not a simple word, but the awakening of what we conceal deepin our heart.
It is our inner feelings coming into the open.

Through the caress the innocent child and the dog in its simplicity, theyinitiate a familiarity that will live based on sincerity.

The caress is born when the baby comes into the world.
Welcoming him into her arms, Momcannot help but run her hand on that creature who hasan unbreakable bond with her

Those delicate strokes on of the entire little body tell him ‘I'm here ... do you recognize me? ... we spent nine months together talking, sleeping, eating; we were always together but something prevented us to complete ourselves... now that veil is gone and we are finally tightly close to each other, free to hear the words from our hearts through ''this magic touch ''

The caress is born at a time when the puppy comes into the world.
After slitting the birth-sac that surrounds him, Mom cleans and warms her little creature, by licking it. The puppy greets life trough those kisses, by the contact with Mom’s warm and soft tongue.

To the puppy, mother’s tongue is like our hand that assists and caresses; not having hands like us, animals do not have any other way but the tongue to caress. in fact, in many other situations we recognize the similarities of theirbehaviour.

This type of caring allows for a balanced developmental growth.

Caresses, hugs and caring attentions allow a continuous strengthening of the bond between Mother and the new-born. While the embrace blends their smells and reinforce the bond ever more, the caresses’gentle massage enchants their bodies

There are two types of caresses
The caress belongs to hand-language; a language that replaces words very well and therefore it is understood by those who still don’t have any useforwords.
Essential for social contact, caresses expressreciprocal consideration and passion and just as whoever “declares”them, he is also likewise returning them in kind.
The fascinating aspect of a caress is that it cannot hide a lie because the state of mind comes across with its touch.
The gesture of the caress has slight expressive differencesamong different animal species, with nuances that can make interpreting one feeling instead of another one.
We do not mean so much as the time when contact is made but of the becoming close of the two ''beings ''engaged in the contact.
For humans, to lay a hand on the head of a dog with the palm down,same as placing it on a friend’s shoulder, it symbolizes a benevolent act and if directed to a child, it definitely conveys affection and protection; this gesture is a bit like a priest blessing his congregation. For a dog, however, it takes on a different meaning depending on the mood, the situation and the familiarity between him and the person who would like to caress him.

It is said: the caress is the simplest and most sincere way to get acquainted.

For humans there is the handshake; for the dog first come the sniffingand second the confidence of a caress. That’s it, perhaps “confidence” might just be the right word to explain the importance of this gesture.

The palm on the head is for the dog an act that imposes domination or protects while a palm proffered facing up is a demand or an offer.

For a dog the mouth is like a hand:the mother’s hand which caresses us.

For puppies the Mother's hand is her tongue. Dogs caressand clean with the tongue exactly the same way people do with their hands.

According to the Dog a hand with the palm towards itsfurcould very well be a mouth thatcan grabs or bite and therefore it is normal for the dog to be a bit diffident at first. However, once the dog becomes comfortable with the person who bestows that gesture, he can also derive a pleasant and positive experience from it.

However, the dog is not afraid of a hand with the palm facing up because he sees it as a little bowl that could be full of good things or that asks to be filled with goodies.

The caresses of Mother to Son give peace, love, protection, education and balance.

There is ample evidence that a child who was not spared such attentions will show a well balanced behaviour while growing up.

Through the caress, a child in his purity and a dog in its simplicity,
will initiate a knowledge based in sincerity

The caress is the intimate gesture that needs no words.

The caress introduces and acquaints one another with reciprocal respect.
The caress’ expressive form of teaching, personally and collectively, tests the sociability of those performing the gesture, educating and promoting them into life.

From: the book: A Te - Educazione Naturale - Progetto Scuola Ambiente di Barbara Tullio e Paolo Caldora